Thursday, September 3, 2009

I am not allowed to watch Whale Wars any more... It makes me way too angry...

...and now, a poem...*yay*

The Match Dipper's Teeth

On this foundation of our life
we have built a prison -
the ribs around your heart compose the bars.
We capture breezes in blankets
and watch them become ghosts.
We laugh and never fuck the way we used to
in a torrent,
in a tinder,
in a tender thunder storm -
lost amongst the stars
that drape our walls,
shadows amongst the neverending violet light.
We sleep dry amongst the rain when it's a muse
and when it falls,
when we do sleep
connected by the web of fog
and lies and song and endless string of cars,
it shines us on like silvering scars.
Seperated at the hips and hearts
by the blinding, sleepless, simple mist,
the drone of whispering pistons drift
lock my jaw with bolt and bars
Sleep, my sweet,
amongst the match dippers teeth
sulfer-brittle, broken and barred
the pieces of each you gather and keep
as tools to cut out the stars.



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