Friday, June 19, 2009

Smoking in the Dark

Fading away
a cigarette ash falls,
shaped like a star
falling because it must
glowing & floating in the air
like a little g-d,
teasing, taming the moment's tone.
Blood rushes to the end of your hand
as you smack the universe blind.
A thousand wasted days
One hundred demons
2 seconds
One million stars
and ashes fall shaped like stars
Falling and floating like stars -
burning out
and dampening the light
Suffer, the stars are beaming
Suffer the night
Glow like an ember
or an alter of candles
Breath even less
and put it out
like a g-d.


Steve said...

Brilliant as always. Wonderful imagery.

Q said...

Thanks man, it's been awhile, I needed something to get going with.

Steve said...

See, I would've gone with a dirty limerick. But that's why you're the brilliant poet, and I'm the guy that yells "Play Freebird" at the Atlanta Thrashers organist.

Yet, we both have our roles to play in society.

Q said...

Trust me Steve, there's something brilliant in what you do, I just haven't figured it out yet. Maybe you're a blogging savant, or an autistic blogger *shrugs* - one day I'll rub a lamp and figure it out.

Steve said...

*I hope "lamp" is not a Canadian euphemism for reproductive organ*


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